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Betamed is the ideal partner in the manufacturing of linen and non-woven fabric procedural kits for the different specializations and specific products for gynecology and urology.

Betamed, recognizes the importance of operating practice peculiar to every medical team and every kind of operating room and is therefore able to satisfy every custom-tailored requirements. Our team of expert will work with you to create and construct flexible solutions for procedural kits to be especially designed to meet your priorities. Our range of products and components supplies to the maximum levels of protection, comfort and quality.

As for distributed brands Betamed, when choosing sub-contractors, avails itself  of organizations and companies leader in the respective fields and on the market since long. It is an essential condition that they guarantee and meet our high quality standards. In order to be sure of this, our quality supervisors take care to pay recurring visits to validate constantly the work they do.

All the components or the raw materials are selected with care and features the certifications to conform the Communitarian Directive requirements.

You can obtain any further information or ask for a quote on procedural kits e-mailing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , specifying the name of the requiring company or organization.