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Logistics was entrusted to GRUPPO LOGISTICO LDI, active on the domestic market from over 30 years, specialized in the storage and delivery of medical devices.

The solution implemented by Gruppo Logistico LDIP for the logistics management of this peculiar and delicate industry is the one of a dedicated management, a choice that resulted world-beating over the years.

The entire activity, in fact, is carried on in premises devised and realized for the handling of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products and thus fully dedicated to these items. The LDI pharmaceutical warehouse is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and boast specialized and innovative technical and IT structures allowing a punctual and safe handling of the products, granting their perfect conservation in both storage and process stages.

Also, for the most careful traceability the LDI laboratory takes advantage of the RFID technology.

LDI management provides for the periodical transmission to the Health Ministry of up-dating files including all the products stored in its warehouse, quoting destination, price and expiration date of each batch.

Product delivery is assured within the 24h, directly to the ward when required.